The Witcher

Greetings Monster Hunters, this small section of the website is dedicated to andrzej sapkowski's fantasy world where morality is not so black and white. It is most often a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. Focusing on the facts not the preconceptions.

The Witcher walks the line in-between, a monster hunter. Though not all monsters have fangs.

The books have spawned three epic videogames by CDProkekt Red and an award winning TV series. 


Unknown to many there is an also an RPG system based on the world of The Witcher where players can choose to take on the role of a Witcher or a number of other professions and races to choose from. The RPG is a great alternative to 5th Edition D&D suitable for players who want an intuitive reactive combat system rather than simply flinging spells or attacking with weapons. The system also has a deep well-thought out non-combat system which is ideal for players who prefer diplomacy over combat.

Below I have added some custom Character Sheets and a DM Screen for helping to run the game.



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